Thursday, November 24, 2011

Welcome to My eportfolio

 Thank you for visiting my online portfolio page. I am an Academic Literacy teacher at Walter Sisulu University in South Africa. I obtained a Masters Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (M.A. TESOL) at San Francisco State University (SFSU) in the Unites States of America (the US). My passion for ELT began in 2008 when I got the Fulbright scholarship to further my studies in MA TESOL at in the US. This is my electronic portfolio in which I demonstrate the skills, experience and the ideas I acquired during the course of my training for M.A. TESOL and from my experience as an Academic Literacy lecturer at Walter Sisulu University (WSU). Included here are the following:
 Curriculum Vitae: This page contains a comprehensive outline of my education and teaching experience. I have also included my unofficial transcripts from the universities at which I graduated.
 Position Paper: I believe in learner autonomy. In this page I emphasize that the teacher has a prominent role of helping learners identify their goals and working their way towards achieving them autonomously. I also highlight that technology is the best means through which learner leaner autonomy can be achieved.
 Teaching Philosophy, in which I state my beliefs and convictions about teaching.
 Academic Papers: Research is the integral part in one's academic development. Contained here is a brief report about a mini-research I conducted in one of the classes I taught during the course of my teacher training in the United States.
 Teaching Material: Successful classroom teaching lies chiefly with appropriate lesson planning. Here I included links to my lesson plans and other learner support material I use/d in my teaching.
 Professional Bibliography: Here I have put together books, article, and websites I use/d during the course of my study in the MA TESOL program.
 Assessments: Here I provide a brief exaplanation of the rules for progression in the course I currently teach, and how the students are assessed.

 I believe that education, cultural exchange and racial unity can transform and bring peace to the world. you are welcome to connect with me through any of the links below: